Our highly experienced team of Employees and Associates provides unparalleled knowledge and practical guidance.  With decades of hands-on experience, these professionals are safety focused, strong communicators, and passionate about serving their clients.

Meet the Principals

Jack Bland

Jack holds a BA in English and a BS in Chemistry from Wofford College in South Carolina. He has over 40 years of experience in industrial water treatment having held various positions in field sales, technical support, and corporate sales.  

Jaclynn "Jak" Peterson

Jaclynn holds a BS in Biology from Saint Cloud State University in Minnesota.  With over 20 years of industrial water treatment experience, Jaclynn has held field and corporate positions in technical support, sales, and management.

Paul Puckorius

Paul holds a BA in Chemistry from North Central College and completed graduate work in Chemistry at Northwestern University, both located in Illinois.  He has over 60 years of experience with water systems, including cooling water, boiler water, wastewater, and process water. 

Fred Roensch, PhD

Fred holds a  B.S. in Education from Truman State University in Missouri and Master and Doctorate Degrees in Biochemistry from the University of Missouri.  With nearly 40 years of experience in industrial water treatment, Fred has held various positions in industrial water treatment 

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